I have two sets of mice. They are in the same cage together so no issue in fighting. They are both breeding groups. Young, 3 are under 4 months old and 3 are just under 6 months old. They breed very well and will supply you with feeders or pets for people. I must come to a end on keeping mice, I rather these 6 mice go to a home and not to a snake. 2 males 4 females. Cute colorings, One male is ...
I have a 1.5 year old female hairless rat I want to rehome. Simi sweet $10 I have a male rat that has only 2 legs. His back legs were nawed off by his mom as a baby. He is not very fond of being held but he has not bit. I have to give him baths every so often to keep his fur clean. Hes now 1.5 years old and I think I need to find him a new home that can care more for him. $10 I have a male year...
Very nice hutch for rabbits was-used for my daughters guinea pigs. Just like the one pictured. Top opens up and door opens up. No bottom so they can be on ground. Water proof but we never used it outdoors except on a deck area but was always put back into garage after use.
19-Jun-2018Macon, GA(13 miles)Small Animals for Sale
Guinea pig($40 value) good home needed. I can t afford to take care of him at the moment. Comes with cage ($80 value) and what s left of his food, and the wood shavings to go in cage and a small amount of hay.
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